The biogical water

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Biogical water quality at 3 sites on the Beverley Brook and comparison of the benefits and disadvantages of chemical and biological monitoring in freshwater environments.

Biological techniques with the benthic macroinvertebartes were assessment as a pollution monitoring tools at 3 sites along Beverley Brook ( a small urban stream in SW London). We investigated the changes in the water qualityfor Pyl Brook, Motspur Park and Kingston Vale. The analysis is based on some biological samples and 18 families. The following biological and chemical indices were employed in order to compare their applicability .Biological Monitoring Working Party(BMWP) and the environment agency chemistry data. Was concluded that Biological and Chemical monitoring are important to obtain an efficient waterquality assessment because both have their specific applications. Also Chemical and Biological techniques have their benefits and disadvantages. In addition a good biological monitoring water quality will be more efficient and accurate, if there is a chemical monitoring. Also some limitations of the chemical monitoring water quality, will be overcome by using biological monitoring. However for rapidfield assessment BMWP is appropriate.


Water is a vital source for humans because of their many uses for agriculture, industrial, environmental and other activities. Freshwater is among the most used of the world´s resources. About 2.5% of water on the earth is freshwater. This make it extremely important for humans been because of the many purposes, such as water supply,disposal of sewage, and industrial waste. However poor countries sometime are lacking of water sources which are causing many diseases and mortality .Freshwater is a renewable resource that has been steadily decreasing and their consequences can be prevented by rational used (Moss.B,1988).

Human activities are caused of contamination in many lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater. As results ofanthropogenic activities, water resources will contaminate by pollutants, such as fertilizers and pesticides applied to crops. In addition natural phenomenon, such as heavy rainfall, can caused acid precipitation, also will cause some change in water quality and their ecology( Mason.C,2002)

To detect pollution in water sources, freshwater chemistry can be monitored chemically or biologically, such asBiological Monitoring Working Party( BMWP) score which was created to explain a broad indication of the biological condition of the rivers in United Kingdom(Mason.C,2002).Biological methods of assessing water quality has been practiced since early of the century in Europe. It was in the half of the century that was considered in Britain to used river organism as a pollution indicators (James andEvison,1979).

It is important before to choose a methods, to know why pollution is being assessed. In addition to detect pollution is important for plants and animals conservation also for humans and their ecosystem (Haslam.S,1990). Therefore chemical and biological monitoring in freshwater environments will have their benefits and disadvantages. This study examined the aquatic communitiesat 3 sites along Beverley Brook ( a small urban stream in SW London). It will identified samples in the laboratory at the family level. It also calculated the BMWP for each site for actual Data 2008 and for benthic macroinvertebrates in Beverley Brook 2005 also Average Score Per Taxon (ASPT) was calculated for each survey.Then it will compare them their results with the counts of benthic macroinvertebrates for the 3 sites from 2005 and Environment Agency chemical data . Finally it will discuss their relative merits of biological and chemical water quality monitoring.


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