The lack of water and their consequences

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The consequences of the lack of water
By J. C. Cardona

884 million people lack access to safe water supplies; approximately one in eight people. UNICEF/WHO 2008. Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation: Special Focus on Sanitation.
3.575 million People die each year from water-related disease.World Health Organization. 2008. Safer Water, Better Health: Costs, benefits, and sustainabilityof interventions to protect and promote health.
The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.2006 United Nations Human Development Report.
People living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.2006 United Nations Human Development Report.
An American taking a five-minute showeruses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day. 2006 United Nations Human Development Report.
The lack of water and degradation has become a big concern for many countries now than it was in past decades. Taking care of water is a big responsibility that involves government, industries and individuals. Everyone has an important role in trying to protect thesupply of water. Water is a vital necessity that all people need in order to survive. We also need it for drinking, for cooking, for washing, for food, for industry, and for energy and it’s not only humans that need it, all life is dependent on water to survive.

The waste of water unnecessarily is also one of the causes of lack of water. One of the most common ways in which people waste wateris by leaving the water running when brushing teeth, shaving or doing the dishes.  Another common way of wasting water would be Car washing, the use of the hose to wash the car can waste up gallons of water according to, and if the hose is left running, it could end up wasting 150 gallons of water. Taking long showers can also become part of water wastage, showering longer than 5minutes can become a waste of 5 to 10 gallons of water. Dishwashers, leaky faucets and toilets, as well as any other unnecessary use of water can sum up to great quantities of water wastage.

Water is a basis of life; it is one of nature’s most important gifts to humanity. Water is essential for life;a person’s survival can depend on water. Water is one of the most essential elements to determine good health, it is necessary for absorption and digestion of food. Water in the human body serves as a lubricant; water forms the base for saliva, and forms the fluids that surround the joints inside our body. Water is also important to regulate the body temperature and it helps to regulatemetabolism. Water is of great significance for people, plants and animals. For human organism it must receive a certain amount of water every day, otherwise if it doesn’t obtain the required amount of water for few days, the person can die. Water also is useful as a nutritive component for all plants. It is also dependent on animals especially in their own habitat. Animals not only drink water, but theyare in contact with water during their whole lives.

Demands are increasing every year for water while it’s becoming more limited. Since many individuals are unaware or simply they just don’t care that this problem needs attention, it is up aware and proactive individuals, business and companies from all over the world to take up the slack and come up with creative solutions. Some governmentrules and regulations also have a powerful influence on water flow, some laws and regulations protect people from unsafe drinking water, while others are designed to support the water supply. Water conservation should not be considered an option any longer. Current circumstances require our full attention if we hope to survive as a civilization. 

Due to the fact that the world’s populations has...
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