The canterbury ghost

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Mr. Otis bought Canterville Chase though everyone told him it was a ghost. From the first time strange things began to happen inside the house. Forexample, never could remove a blood stain reappeared every time you clean.
The ghost began to walk through the halls to try to frighten the new tenants,but was surprised when he realized that no family was afraid of him. This caused the Canterville ghost became depressed. The depression was increasing everytime the ghost trying to scare anyone in the family. Also when I tried always the children of Mr. Otis invented something to end up being hurt and scaredhim and he had to leave, completely terrified.
  One day the ghost, that there was no solution to your problem, decided to go to the library of themansion. When he got there and saw the beautiful Virginia decided that he should not stay longer in the house after admitting to the sweet daughter of Mr.Otis. Simon, that was the name of the ghost, sat in a chair and told Virginia that he was ascending the Canterville family and was in the house because hehad murdered his wife and had well over three hundred years. His decision was that it should die and he needed the help of a maid who was pure and noble.When the ghost told him his desire to Virginia, she agreed to accompany him on his deathbed and he gave her some jewels before he died.
At death, theblood stain was gone. Virginia married Cecil Duke.
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