The dead poets society

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The story is set in one of the most prestigious academies of the United States, the Welton School, where four principles will make the lives of young people. These values are as follows: "Tradition, honor, discipline and greatness."
It is after this that the authorities have the new literature professor John Keating, that will change the life of a small group of young people. After the ceremony,young people gather in their rooms, and Todd Anderson know Neil Perry. After Knox Overstreet meet with Charles Dalton, who already knew before.
It is at this stage where it occurs in the film for the first time the father of Niel, which is a pretty bipolar and strong beliefs in which he has to decide for the sake of their children and not Neil. This is where Neil takes a 180 degree turn in hispersonality and becomes a fearful and submissive person in front of his parent. Although Neil shows respect for his father does not mean you agree with your choices. Yet, despite this, do not have the courage to contradict him (despite being a very expressive erson).
Once outside the room, on a shelf with boxes of them alumni Keating cites a poem about Lincoln, called "Oh Captain, My Captain"(from Walt Whitman spent the late President Lincoln).
Innovatively, Mr Keating told that if they are daring can call it that. It shows a diagram with the first generation graduate of Welton, in which all students must focus and listen. Suddenly a voice of mournful nature of the afterlife is heard saying "Carpe diem." Keating is back, which explains the meaning of life through an analogy with formerstudents. He explains that they were unable to take time, and now from the other world they are clamoring for new students not to lose what they can not return to recover: "Time." This is where the most popular topic of the story kicks in, where every teen begins to learn the meaning of seize the day and managed to break the patterns of thought and prisoner formal educational system isauthoritarian and repressive and conservative.

Later, the young are interested in knowing who was Keating, so get your yearbook and find out The Dead Poets Society. Asked Keating why is that and they replied that they were meetings held in India Cave towards making poetry, in favor of thinking freely and expressing their emotions, a verbiage that flowed like sap from a tree hurt. Young people areinterested and want to participate in it, revive it to get out of the ordinary. After lengthy attempts to meet, young people, led by Neil, one night escape the cave and begin a ritual that is reflected in the cave is free of the prejudices of society and there is no one to oppress them. Such is the taste of freedom declared war on the four pillars of Welton and replaced by the following: "Playful, horror,decadence, laziness." In a publication of the school magazine, Charles put in an act of rebellion an article that emphasizes unbiased let girls join Welton, with the signing of The Dead Poets Society, so that the rigid Mr. Nolan choose to call a conference with students to investigate who was the one who broke the pillars of Welton. Suddenly a phone rings. Answer Charles Dalton, said: "Mr. Nolan,is for you. It is God, says there should be girls Welton. "

Keating goes to the young people gathered and told that "Carpe diem" is not only a common prayer: to make use of it you have to use reason and be able to anticipate the consequences. Neil feels sad because his father tells him to leave the role of the work and pays attention. To find a solution to this problem very sad decides to gotalk to Keating. He recommends talking, dare, look into the eyes of his father and tell him that he really loves in life: "Carpe diem" swim is lost in trying. Neil decides to pay attention and talk to his father, who supposedly gives you the opportunity to act. It is presenting the work that is the dream of a summer night, symbolizing the only opportunity that Neil will have to carry out his...
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