The different kind of clothes for summer time

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This summer will be very hot without clouds. Are you going to travel this summer? Have you packet your baggage? Do you think you have all that you needto go on holidays? I don’t let you without the correct clothes. Here you will find a guide of what you need for this season.
I talked with Sam Lorens a fashion expert. She had participated in a lotof fashion show with her designs. She told me that the season´s colors were brown, white and blue. The most important thing when you go to the beach is that you feel ok…
Glasses, shirts and shortsare the most common garments that the people dress in summer, January and July are the hottest time of the year and if the global warming follows there will be more than two months in the year.
Insummer people go to the pool and they must wear swimsuit to go to this place. There are different kinds of women´s swimsuits. There are of one piece or two pieces I mean bikini; it kind of clothes haschanged since it was invented. At one time swimsuits were cautious but now they are smaller than before and with different colors like yellow, red or blue. Men use swimming trunks or sometimes they onlyuse Bermuda shorts, because they are more comfortable than swimming trunks.
You have to protect your eyes and for this reason you must use sunglasses that are darkened to provide protection againstbright visible light and, possibly, ultraviolet (UV) light.
You don’t want your skin burned… You must use sunscreen. It helps us to protect against sunburn. And don´t forget… light skin is moresusceptible than darker skin.
And what are you using in your feet? Slip your feet into flip-flops or pretty sandals. Now there are also thongless flip – flop… it will protect your feet better than othershoes.
Include a couple of outfits, it will serve you if you go to restaurants or museums, you should choose outfits in light colors and comfortable.
Women also prefer wear skirt, culottes and...
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