The existence of aliens on earth according to war of the worlds

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Aliens on Earth
Society has been questioning about the existence of aliens in Mars almost since it was discovered. Many theories have been said yet none has been confirmed by scientists norcommon people. Some think its real but there are also some skeptics to the topic. War of the worlds reflects speculations about aliens speculations in the 19th century, however, there are still alot of speculations such as the ones of Area 51 and Roswell.
There is people who truly believe in the existence of aliens between us, in fact, some men actually dedicate their lives to thestudy of these beings. David Icke is one of them, his hypothesis explain how they live and rule among us and defines them as “repitlians”. On his documentary about aliens he mentions that most ofthe world leaders are related to these reptilians and shows some images in which you can appreciate the cat-shaped eye that some of this characters have. Another famous ufologist called JaimeMaussan asures the existence of life in Mars and visitors on Earth by showing countless evidences like pictures, videos and also books.
In the other side, we have Richar Kulisz who contends thataliens do not exist in our planet and that we´re never going to be conquer by them. In one of his quotes of this descriptive essay he says, “ In the last 65 million years alone, since theextinction of the dinosaurs, there have been 650 chunks of 100,000 years during which a civilization could have arisen and colonized the galaxy.Why would they do it now? ”.
Besides all the opinionsand questions in the world, something´s very clear in humans thought when it comes to these topic: The USA government is hiding something, we do not certainly know what it is. Maybe they have somealiens proves or evidences, maybe they don´t and it´s just a part of the show, but who really knows. There are two peculiar cases which I would like to remark, the one of Roswell and Area 51.
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