The family code

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The Family Code
Article 484.  The present book regulates the rights and guarantees of the minor, understanding as such every type of human being from the moment of its conception until the age of 18 years.
Article 485.  The state protects the physical, mental and moral health of the citizens and aliens found in its national territory and of the citizens that are to be found abroad andguarantees the right of these to a home, to food, to health and to education . . . .
Article 487.  A minor will not be separated from his family, except in exceptional circumstances established in the law with the goal of protecting him.
Article 488.  The dispositions of the present book should be interpreted in the best interests of the minor, in accordance with the general principals hereestablished and those universally admitted by the Right of Minors.
Article 490.  It is the right and obligation of the parents, the society and the State protect the birth and life of a child. The corresponding authorities and institutions will give them the protection and guidance that are necessary.
Article 532.  Minors underage will enjoy the individual guarantees and processesrecognized by the Constitution of the Republic and the Convention of the Rights of the Child.
Article 739.  The processes and procedures of the family will be reserved and those involving minors, confidential; but will be open to all parties, representatives, family members, related lawyers, and people who, by discretion of the judge, are found to have legitimate interest in the case. All other actsand diligences such disposed by the law will also be reserved or confidential.
Article 740.  The judges of the Family and of Minors will procure the most just and effective administration of justice and, to such an effect, will take special measures to employ in the procedures expedited and succinct formulas so as to clearly resolve the subject under their care with the most efficient process. In processes related to minors, the judge will decide predominantly according to the best interest of the child. 
Article 744.  Every process in which a minor is found to be involved, and only that which is related to this minor, with be the private jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. The judicial authority, administrative authority or the police that know of the case should immediately putin under the order of a Judge of Minors.
Article 754.  It is the role of the Regional Court of Minors to:
Know all the cases of minors that have committed infraction or have participated in them and all cases of minors in which they are found to be in especially difficult situations;
Attend to the complaints and accusations that are made about acts that put in danger the health or physicalor moral development of a minor, adopting the necessary measures to put an end to such occurrences;
Adopt necessary measures of care for the treatment, reeducation, assistances and protection of minors, conforming to the dispositions of this Code;
Supply consent of the legal representative of the minor, when such a representative is unable to be present for whatever reason or declines to do sounjustifiably;
Fulfill all other necessary acts pertinent to the protection of minors as would a good parent of a family;
Know the affairs of minors that are not expressly attributed to another authority
Give the minors a family setting; . . .
Article 769.  Minors will be able to be represented before the Jurisdiction of the Family and the Special Jurisdiction of Minors by parents orgrandparents, by other close relatives, by those that have them in their care, and by the Public Defender of Minors, as well as their parents’ legal representation.
Article 816.  The special process of minors will be ruled by the following principles:
Presumption of being under age in the case of doubt
Preferential application
Presumption of innocence
Oral processes, being thereby unnecessary...
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