The Ghost Of The Green Lady

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The Ghost of the Green Lady
By: Caroline Stevens

Billy Harrison was a boy who he was 15 years old. One day her dad, a policemen, came home early, something that he never did, and her mam wassitting next to his father, waiting for her son. They told him that they was moving around a lot because of his father's job and Billy must to change schools, to a boarding school. Billy didn't like it,but when he visited the new school, he changed the subject: old buildings, extensive gardens, the great River Thames...Until he could learn to row! Then he met Mr Hopkins, the headmaster. Billy wasnice to met Mr Hopkins. After wards, he met Mr Evans, the maths teacher. Billy thought that Mr Evans was something strange, and Billy didn't like him. He couldn't think more about it because it was timeto say goodbye to his parents.
After his parents left, Billy met to his roommates: James, Mark and Alan. Billy was happy because they were nice and they played tricks so much. When they were goingto bed, Alan told Duke Sebastian Coxley's terror story: Duke Sebastian died in a big, bloody battle and his wife killed herself, but before she died, she promised to haunt the lake each year on theanniversary of her husband's death.
Billy decided to investigate the legend in the morning and asked Mrs. Ward for more information. Then, Mrs Ward told him that a green glow appears over the lake whenLady Sebastian´s ghost appears, and she gave Billy a book of local history for more information. His plan was to go to the lake on 1st February and wait for the ghost to appear. Then Billy went todiscover which teacher will be on duty that night, Mr Graham, and Mr Evans took Billy to the headmaster. When it was the time, Billy brought a bugging device and he put it near the old church, next tothe lake. They hoped that a ghost appeared, but only Mr Evans was there. They saw a green light coming from the church. They were very scared. They decided to get back. They could did it because...
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