The play of the green table

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Analysis of The Green Table: a Dance of death in eight scenes
The play The Green Table: a Dance of death in eight scenes was a performance recorded by the University of Maryland, the recordingcaptured every aspect of the danseurs and ballerinas language while delivering a crucial story about war. As the title of the dance came about, before actually watching this performance a sense of sadnessand darkness takes over the audience for a second. But as the curtains open and the music comes on, ones perception changes. While watching this ballet recital one could literary relive this brutalstory through the danseurs and ballerinas, and their manifestations. And even though this performance was about war, it was interesting to see how the audience could easily relate to the choreographerswithout actually being in that time period.
At the beginning of the recital, the choreographers were all standing around the green table wearing tuxedos and old-man hairpieces, they started mimickingand sort of arguing and agreeing at the same setting an environment of a habitual lifestyle. And I as the audience, felt very familiar with just about every move they made as they used basic balletstrategies such as Demi-plie’s, Grand-plie’s, pirouettes, and so on to deliver their work of art. As I was watching this video, I was also able t recognize how the performers moved from position toposition and the transitions that the danseurs and ballerinas made. During the entire time, everything was so smoothed yet so meaningful and so tough that the dancers could translate the massage veryeasily to the audience through their unison choreography. As the scenes changed so did the strength of the dance it self, the whole play was coordinated so that through the elegancy of the art of balletthe public could step out of their time and be introduce into the time of war.
In addition the ballerinas had such simplicity when it came to their wardrobe, that could be portray as plain but as...
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