The hardest decision

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I have had to make many hard decisions in my life… but when I was only fourteen years old, I was forced to make the most difficult decision I have ever made.
Up to that point, I had lived my entirelife in Juarez. When I was twelve, my mother began working in El Paso. She had to wake up very early each morning to cross the border and arrive at work on time. Doing this everyday was very tiringfor her.
My mother and my oldest sister, Karla, had discussed sending me to school in El Paso so I could learn how to speak English. The both of them thought it would be a good idea.
Then, the momentcame when my mother asked what I wanted to do: continue going to school in Juarez or begin school in El Paso.
She made it clear to me that if I were to decide to go to school in El Paso, we wouldhave to live there. It would have been too much of a hassle for us to cross the border as often as we would have needed to if we continued to live in Juarez.
It was extremely hard for me to make thisdecision. Juarez was the only place I had ever lived in before. I was not familiar with anything other than what I already had there at home.

Everyone I loved and cared for was in Juarez: my sisters,my dogs, and all the friends I had known for most of my life.
I was scared to leave Juarez. I didn’t want to leave anything or anyone behind by moving to El Paso and at first I told her to give metime time to think about it because even though I wasn’t a little kid, I wasn’t mature enough to think beyond things like my friends, when I needed to be thinking about what would be best for me or formy future
And the worst thing is that I did not had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do because vacations were about to end in three or four days. And I felt so stressed and torn upbecause if I stayed living in Juarez it would be selfish of me for the reason that my mom would be still struggling to get to work because at that time she didn’t have a car, so she had to take buses...
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