The History Of Internet

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Although one might think that the Internet is something that has emerged in recent times, not so: the Internet and has been with us a few decades. The beginnings of theInternet take us back to the 60. In the Cold War, U.S. military only creates a network with the aim that in the unlikely event of a Russian attack, they could have access to military information fromanywhere in the country. This network was established in 1969 and was called ARPANET. In principle, the network had 4 computers distributed among different universities. Two years later, had about 40computers connected. Such was the growth of the network that your communication system became obsolete. Then two researchers created the TCP / IP, which became the standard of communications within thecomputer network (currently still using this protocol) ARPANET continued to grow and open to the world, and anyone with academic or research purposes could access to the network. Military functionsunrelated to ARPANET and MILNET went to a new network created by the United States. The NSF (National Science Foundation) creates its own computer network called NSFNET, which was later absorbed ARPANET,creating a large network with scientific and academic purposes. The development of networks was abysmal, and creates new open-access networks which later join NSFNET, forming the embryo of what we nowknow as the Internet. 

The development of NSFNET was such that by the year 1990 and had about 100,000 servers. CERN (European Center for Particle Research) creates web pages, in order tocommunicate with other European scientists. In 1993 an American student wrote the code for first web browser, Mosaic, which was distributed free by the network and allowed access to graphics and text documentsin Internet. This was a revolution, and from that moment, the Internet has not stopped growing. In 1996 there were about 90,000 websites. Currently it is almost impossible to calculate that there...
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