The Influence Of Music On Poeoples Mood

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I. What is music?

The etymology derives from the Word muse in Greek; it refers to a mythical group of female persons which inspired artists.

Music as a part of human culture has been developed for centuries. The different dances, rhythms define the style of life of the person who dances or listens to it. When you are young sometimes music is going to define your way of being

The musicis an art of sound, and the science of organizing and combining the vocal or Instrumental sounds or tones that express ideas and emotions in significant way through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony.

Through the man kind’s history, music has had many changes.

II. Types of music

Investigations found that designer music may be useful in the treatment of tension, mentaldistraction, and negative moods.

There are many types of music that may determine the way of being or behavior of a Person. These means that people listen to music according to the mood in which they are in that moment.

In this research repot we have taken three main types of music which may help people to live less stressed so we have the following three groups:

3.1. Classical music

Thiskind of music is the favorite one of many adults who considered that this kind of music help them to be relaxed at home or at work.

There are many scientific investigations that suggest classical music as a therapy to reduce peoples stress levels, to cure some sicknesses and also this kind of music is used to relax old people who cannot sleep or rest.

Some researchers have shown that whenkids listen classical music they arise their intelligence levels because they put more concentration on the things that they do.

2.2Folkloric music

Folkloric music infludes on people’s mood on different ways since some lyrics can express sadness, happiness or describe events.

People find as a way of expression some folkloric music because when they listen they are going to changeautomatically their mood.

Folkloric music is also used to express sadness by some group of people from communities as sadness expression on other cases communities used music to express their happiness on their comunitary celebrations (harvest celebration).

3.2. Electronic music

Electronic music is considered as modern music it may cause many feelings depending on what kind of music isbeen played.

Most of the theories show that electronic music is related with young people who change of mood according to the music that they are going to listen sometimes they could be euphoric but sometimes they could be sad with the same kind of music.

III. The influence of music in our emotions our moods

The doctors Lewis, Dember, Schefft and Radenhausen experts on musical/psychological studies determined on several experiments the effects of music against the effects of videos on several evaluations of mood.

In the experiment, the experts rated a number of songs and videos such as positive or negative. The study found that songs had a major impact on the emotional state of the listener, than the videos. Music that was rated positively increased participants'positive moods. It was exactly the opposite for negative music.

In conclusion, the mood of a song tends to induce similar emotions in the listener.

The professors Saarikallio and Erkkila investigated the most common ways in which people use music to control and improve their mood by interviewing adolescents:

* Entertainment: music provides stimulation. It lifts the mood before going out;it accompanies to do some activities

* Revival - Music revitalizes in the morning and calms in the evening.

* Strong sensation - Music can provide deep emotional experiences.

* Diversion - Music distracts the mind from unpleasant thoughts.

* Discharge-Music can “release” emotions and feelings.

* Mental work - Music encourages daydreaming, remembering old memories...
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