The World Of Music

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The world of music
Music is very important in the daily life and it is present in the all we do day by day although some occasions we don´t perceive, music is language, it is union of sounds thatexpress feelings and thought of humans beings, as sadness, happiness, disappointment, dreams, logins among others, music must be expressed through something that shows what we want to express, this “something “ is an instrument, it is which produce a sound that can be musical or not, that is there are special musical instruments like the guitar, the piano, saxophone, however there are instrumentsthat not is “musicals” that differ of what we call “melodies” and “harmonics”; like a drum, tambourine, rhythmical instruments, in this way to ear they not produce music, if do; because all group orbest, of sounds are music even the silence is part of music.
In spite of that there are many instruments and some of these are more esteemed for the society, because people believe that they are morecomplex to play and for this they should be listen as the violin or piano, but when we speak about the guitar the society is indifferent to its sound and to its interpretation because they believe itis an instrument easy to play and it belongs to popular music or that it is characterized for rock music and as Aaron Copland says “ there are men that love the sound of the violins, but the feel anextreme aversion for any instrument, on the contrary the experienced listener knows that must increase his esteemed”
The experienced listener knows that none instrument is more difficult to play thatother or that any instrument is more important that the other instrument; because all of them complement one each other, together they are body that transmit the music language. Although eachinstrument transmit us different feelings and emotions “the solo of the flute the beginning of l`apres- midi d`un fauner (the nap of a faun), but the melody for any other instrument going to blinded at the...
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