The left family

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Good afternoon, I’m going to talking about a different type of family which is the left family…
In human context, a family is a group of people united by consanguinity, affinity, orco-residence. In most societies it is the principal institution for the socialization of children. The family is the key to the structure of society.
There are concepts of family thatbreak with tradition within particular societies, like homoparental family, those that are transplanted via migration or the left family.
The left family is one in which children andyouth of the family are abandoned. This may be due to several reasons: a crisis of values, the desire to earn more money before anything else, the delegation of the care of children, to takeother societies as reference groups and so fore. This is divided into two types:
The complete abandonment: As we understand that total abandonment in which parental authority wasdelegated. And in these cases the abandonment may not be as traumatic for children, as is the possibility that another family to take care adopted the Children.

The partial abandonment: Inthis type of abandonment parents retain parental responsibility but not the exercise. This case of abandonment is worse than the last. Children are left to free will, to the verydiscrimination of good and wrong without possibility of another family to take care of them. This class is the more dangerous.

Family abandonment may result in laziness and consequently thechild may fall in harmful conduct as drug addiction and crime. In other words this abandonment that affected the child can later also affecting the whole society. If we consider that theabandonment is a sign of lack of affection from the parents to the child, we must not forget that any lack of affection causes harmful consequences in the short and long term.
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