The media and the ethics of cloning

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The Media And The Ethics of Cloning

What do you think when you read the word “cloning”? I think about peoples’ clones doing everything. This isn’t the case, The Media and The Ethics ofCloning presents some concerns from the author Leigh Turner, she is worried how the media talks about theirs ideas of a clone. How about the scientists don’t talk about their research with humans andno-humans. The author presents three important points: recognize moral implications, present concerns of ethics and expand public debate.

Clones are multiple copies of the same phenomenonaccording to the first paragraph. Cloning has created concerns in people because it has problems with moral and ethics, some people think that cloning humans and non-humans (animals) is against the law ofGod, but this is in a religious way. When you involve religion in science it makes a conflict, this is when people who are atheist and agnostics make debates. Those are different opinions, but theimportant thing is the moral and ethics of cloning. When the scientists use animals to make experiments for human uses, this has to be in debated because those are animals’ lives and they can express theirfeelings. This reminds me of the PETA organization, because they investigate people that abuse animals. Scientists, teachers, the media, simply everyone has to know these things. We know that thescience never stops, but we have to be informed about the experiments the scientists do. We have to be worried. She says that it would be better if they were cloning’ laws, professional codes, policymakers, and institutional policies.

The first point the author states is that you have to Recognize Moral Implications. It is important that the scientists and ethicists understand each work.The scientists have to recognize the moral implications of their work. The author states that the scientists have to take courses about ethics, psychology and anatomy. If they take these courses they...
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