New World Order

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Martín Cibrián López
World Studies
Post-War Effects
The New World Order
The New World Order is a period or term that refers to a drastic change all around the world specially talkingabout political terms and a strict balance and power of the biggest nations in the world. This era is based on a global government, but not refers to a worldwide dictator but a global effort toidentify, understand and solve problems that are big enough for the capacity or ability for a single nation to solve or defeat.
This phrase or term has been used several times during world´s history; at theend of World War I the League of Nations was a scale example of this ideology. At the end of World War II this phrase was used when the plans for the United Nations was published, but the third andmost direct and noticeable time when this phrase was used at the end of the Cold War, when President Gorbachev and George Bush used to define the Post-Cold War Era, and the ideology of great powerscooperation for solving worldwide issues. The clear thing is the Gorbachev couldn’t dedicate 100% to it because of the Soviet Union´s internal conflicts but Bush dedicated to it and he´s ideology waslinked for materializing things all around the world and getting related in international conflicts, making United States a global power and strong influence.
During 1990 and 2000, the new world order“phrase” was used three times, at first by Soviets, then by USA and at last by George Bush during a conference. At first, the idea of nuclear disarmament of the super powers and security arrangements.President Gorbachev will later expand the idea for strengthening the United Nations, gathered super powers for solving economic and security issues, involved countries in NATO and the Warsaw Pat.Second, during the Malta Conference a new international ideology and relation, the reunification of Germany, the creation of human rights and the polarity and good relation between international...
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