The Oil

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The oil
Oil is anenergetic resource of enormous importance. It is a mixture of organic liquid compounds of oily texture that one finds in underground deposits, so much under the surface of continental soils as in themarine subsoil.
Oil forms a part of the fossil fuels of planet, together with the natural gas (or methane CH4). Both are in the same underground deposits, one in liquid state (oil) and anothergaseous state (methane). The formation of both compounds happened it does million years behind, product of the decomposition of animals and plant remains that were accumulated and depositing at the back ofthe ocean and in the different caps of the soil. Different present bacteria carried out the decomposition in these environments, which with help of the high resultant pressures of the warehouse ofdifferent caps of water or soil on these animals or vegetables, blocked the way of oxygen, with what there developed an anaerobic process of characteristics (in absence of oxygen).
Why does it servethe oil?
Oil is used as fuel due to the great quantity of energy that there guards each of the molecules that compose it, so that when they put in touch with the oxygen they break and there isliberated the energy that we use. Therefore, the oil constitutes an important energetic resource, resource that is not renewable, due to the fact that million years are needed more to return to produce thequantity of useful oil for the whole humanity.

El petróleo
El petróleo es un recurso energético de enorme importancia. Es una mezcla de compuestos orgánicos líquidos de textura aceitosa que se...
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