The Open Window By Saki

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A french window is a large glass door. it usually opens onto a garden at the back of a house. as you will see, a french window plays an important part in this well-known story by saki.

Framtonnuttel was sitting in a chair when the young lady entered the room.

"my aunt will be down in ten minutes," the young lady told framton very calmly. "she asked me to wait here with you until then."Framton wondered what to say to the fifteen-year-old girl. he felt nervous, very nervous. strangers always made him feel nervous.

Waiting made him feel nervous. talking made him feel nervous.Everything made him feel nervous. in fact, he had come to the country to calmnhis nerves.

his sister had given him some advice. "i know just what you need," she had said. "get away from the city for awhile. a week in the country will be good for you. I'll give you the names of some nice people you can visit while you're there. otherwise you'll stay in your room all the time. you won't stay a wordto anyone. then your nerves will get worse than ever."

Mrs. sappleton was one of the "nice people" she recommended. Now framton waited for her to come down from upstairs.
"do you know many peoplearound there?" the young lady finally asked. her words broke a long silence.

"i don't know any of the people around here," framton replied.
"my sister visited this part of the country four yearsago. she met your aunt, Mrs. sappleton, then. my sister said that Mrs. sappleton was... very nice."
"then you don't know anything about my aunt?" the calm young lady asked.

"only her name andaddress," admitted Mr. nuttel. he looked around the room and wondered whether or not Mrs. sappleton was married. something about the room suggested that a man lived there.
"her terrible tragedy happenedexactly three years ago today!" said the girl. "three years ago today. that was after your sister was here."
"her tragedy?" asked framton, nervously. it didn't seem possible that terrible things...
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