The House By The Sea

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e house by the seaThe house by the sea

Autor: | Aspinall, Patricia |
The main characters are:
- John a journalist and friend of Linda and Carl.
- Carl is a very busy businessman.
- Linda is a happy girl that is married with Carl.
- Mary is working en living in a pub.

John had a lunch in the pub and then Carl meets him. They know each other from the university were the have been inthe same classroom. They were talking and Carl is very unhappy and that make John worried. Carl told a big story to John.

He told that he is married with a good friend of John and her name is Linda. At the first time they were very happy……….but Carl worked to hard and the relationship has broken. Linda live in the house by the sea and was never together with Carl. They had planned to spend theweekends there. After a long time, Carl goes to the house by the sea. Linda has called that she will come over after the party. But Linda doesn’t show up. He began to worry about Linda and then he meet mad Tom. Tom is a taxi driver who looks very strange. Carl goes back to home and all the lights in his house were on. That was very strange then he heard a car that drives away from his house. Thatmake’s him worried he goes back to the station with the hope that Linda was there. Linda was not there, then he goes to the pub to ask if Linda has phoned. He told his story at Mary and she ask him to stay. He slept very bad and gets up early in the morning. He finds two shoes and a dead fish with its head off (a lot of blood) on the beach and that makes him worry about Linda. What was happenedwith her? Carl went back to his house. He called the police they arrives a view seconds later. The police man listened to Carl’s story and leaves the house. Suddenly Carl smells something in his house and find out what it is. He find in his bed a head of a fish. It’s very bloody but he is very happy that it isn’t Linda.

He goes back to the pub to tell Mary his story about the dead fish. Mary toldthat Tom Parker has lived a long times ago in that house. Tom Parker thought that people who died come back to life in the sea. Carl and Mary went back to Carl’s house to clean the bedroom. At Carl’s house the found a letter from Linda. She wrote that it’s all over between Carl and her. Carl did not want to believe that Linda wrote the letter herself.

Carl went back to London. He calledMelissa, a girl friend of Linda to ask more about Linda. She had no news and the parents of Linda had also no news about Linda. He gets back to work and at the end of the week the Grand Police told him that they found a body on the beach. It’s not the body of a woman but Carl must come over. It’s the body of Tom Parker and Carl must give answers about questions over the dead of Tom. After answering allthe questions at the police station Carl goes back to the house by the sea. He heard someone in the kitchen………… was Linda. She came to tell Carl that she wanted to divorce. Linda was in love with a another boy and that was the brother of Tom Parker. His name is Bill. She met him a few months ago and he helped Linda with the house by the sea.

Carl feels very sad en lonely. It was better forLinda but not for Carl. Carl loved Linda very much but he was very busy with his work. He asked Linda to give him a new change but she said that its all over.

La casa junto al mar

Autor: | Aspinall, Patricia |
Los personajes principales son:
- John periodista y amigo de Linda y Carl.
- Carl es un hombre de negocios muy ocupado.
- Linda es una niña feliz que se casó con Carl.
- Maríaestá trabajando en la vida en un pub.

Juan tenía un almuerzo en el bar y luego Carl se encuentra con él. Se conocen desde la universidad se la han estado en el mismo salón de clases. Estaban hablando y Carl es muy infeliz y que a Juan preocupado. Carl dijo una gran historia de Juan.

Él dijo que él está casado y tiene un buen amigo de John y su nombre es Linda. La primera vez que se pusieron...
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