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These days so many marriages end to divorce for many reasons, so the expressions “Happily ever after” and “ Till death do us part” that seem on the way to becoming obsolete.In the society are a lot of children will grow up in single- parent home, they feels lonely, regret, pain, loss of self-confidence and fear of the future. Why? Because they don’t have the supportfrom both parents and they are confuse about the reason that cause their parent’s divorce and for example when your parents divorce, and you live with your mother, you have to comply with thejudge’s order about what days to can visit or stay with your father, and another thing that is complicated is when you go out and arrive later, you mother begin to argue with you, you say her “ I don’twant to live with you anymore”!!!!!, that is hard for the mom and the son or daughter.
Even though each broken marriage is unique, we can still find the common perils, the common causes formarital despair. Each marriage has a crisis points, test endurances, the capacity for both intimacy and change. The causes are a lot, like job loss, illness, infertility, trouble with a child,infidelity, etc. I mean in that moment the marriage is like a hurricane, and some marriages survive these storm and others don’t. Have many solutions for try to resolve the problems between them(parents).For example they can go with a marriage therapist or maybe a trip only them and there talk frankly, and find a solution.

Because the marriage is some kind of sacrifice, some level ofcompromise. On the other hand the divorce is maybe the best solution because provides salvation for people who have grown hopelessly or have mutual unhappiness. The divorce can be painful and more if themarriage have children, because in the end who suffer more are them. In my opinion is hard to explain to them why their parents are separate, and is hard for their education and their growth too.
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