The renaissans period

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The Renaissance Period (1500)-(1660)
"Renaissance", French for "rebirth", the intellectual and economic changes that occurredRe in Europe and also England. In England, the Renaissance made itsbiggest impact between the years of 1500 and 1600. The Renaissance in England can be categorized in three sections: the growth e Renaissance under early Tudor monarch (1500-1558), climax under ElizabethI (1558-1603), and weakening by Stuart monarchs (1603-1649).This Period was known by this name, Europe raised from the economic depression of the Middle Ages and had a time of financial astronomicalgrowth. The Renaissance was a period that became the turning point for artistic, social, scientific, and political thought. The awakening of new possibilities and new doubts somehow gave the literatureof England its unmatched vigor. 
The causes why the Renaissance started were because the Middle Ages had a ending. The main causes why they ended was ,firstly because a series of famines andplagues, such as the Great Famine of 1315–1317 and the Black Death, reduced the population around half before the calamities. Later some more problems came and were different wars or revolts like thePheasants ‘Revolt, also The Jacquerie and hundreds years war. Then the Catholic Church was shattered by the Western Schism so this produced the crisis of the middle ages.
Then some important people in theRenaissance who discovered or brings new things to England. Firstly, Shakespeare who was the greatest of all Elizabethan dramatists was Shakespeare in whose hands the Romantic drama reached itsclimax. His stupendous achievements are an enigma to all scholars up to the present day. Also was Thomas Kyd who wasn’t much knew but was important because introduced the ‘blood and thunder’ element indrama, which proved one of the attractive features of the pre-Shakespearean drama. Finally we have Jacobean; the time of his rule produced a multitude of authors of genius.
While the Renaissance was...
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