The social class is different in each cultures

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The social structure of each country is classified agreement to characteristics economics, socials and cultural in something that has been called “social class”. And although, the social classes inall word are catalogue under the same terms (upper, middle and lower) these are not same in all countries. It a talk of the middle class in Colombia is different to it talks of the middle class in theAmerica and there are two aspects reflect this clear differences: the purchasing power and the importance of the education.
The purchasing power of the persons of the middles class in America ishigher that a person in Colombia. The reason of this is that the middle class Americans earns almost double the salary of a person of the middle class in Colombia. An average salary of a person of themiddle class in Colombia is between USD 500 and USD 1900 meanwhile that a person the middle class in America to get averages a salary between USD 2000 and USD 8000. This show the develop economy in thewhich life of the Americans, allowing to the middles class to get property much easy. If we compare the property between the cultures we find that the middle class Americans have better and mostproperty that person the middle class in Colombia. For example, in Colombia is very common that a person the middle class live in small house or flat, have only one car for household and for transportedthe rest members there is do that in bus and usually the mother and father have that work. While in America is common that a person of middle class has more than one car, lives in big house whitcertain luxury and the head of family is who work.
Other important aspect that reflects the differences between middle class in Colombian and American is the education. The education in Colombia is veryimportant in the middle class because the persons feel that is the only means for which can to get a better future and a better social status. The middle class think that this is the way for to get a...
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