The Son's Veto

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• Sophy- the protagonist
• Randalf- Sophy and the vicar’s son
• Mr.Twycott- vicar and Sophy’s husband
• Sam- Mr Twycott’s ex gardener and man that wanted to marry Sophy.
Meaning ofTitle
Veto: The power to reject or prohibit a proposal or intended act. One of the only powers of the Queen of England is to veto the government form going into a war.
The title represents Randlaf’sveto/prohibition to the marriage between her mum and Sam.
Sophy, a 19 year old parlour maid worked for Aldbrickham’s vicar, Mr.Twycott. He was recently widowed and therefore he was alone.Sophy and Sam, the gardener, are kind of together-he is courting her. However, one day, Sophy decides that she is not ready to marry Sam, which would mean leaving the vicarage.
Mr Twycott is ill,whilst taking care of him, Sophy falls down the stairs and she is told that she would be unable to walk again. This is when Mr.Twycott asks Sophy to marry him, she accepts. This is a scandal inAldbrickham, as the vicar has married someone socially inferior to him. It is the reason why Sophy and his new husband have to leave the village and go to live in London, a big city where nobody will now thetruth about Sophy’s former social status. In London, Sophy becomes a Lady as she has now married a Vicar who has made her increase her status.
The couple have a son, who gets a great education andwill end up going to Oxford University to study to become a vicar. The son disrespects her mum as she has issues with her speaking, however Sophy doesn’t get annoyed with him, Mr. Twycott dies and Sophyfeels very lonely. Sophy ends up seeing Sam again, which her son, Randalf, disapproves of as he is socially inferior and would end up with her mum and him as a ‘social disgrace’. Randalf vetoes hermum and Sam’s marriage. This ends up making Sophy very, very sad. She never lives happily again and ends up dying, meanwhile, Randalf never forgives Sam, now a successful shop owner, for trying to...
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