The stolen party

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The stolen party-elaborations

The stolen party is a short story in which it is described a situation, in this case a party, were we can see how are the lives of Herminia, Rosaura, Señora Ines andLuciana. The main character is Rosaura, who is the daughter of Herminia. Herminia was the maid of the house of Señora Ines, and Luciana of course was the daughter of Señora Ines. The difference ofsocial class was huge, but still Rosaura could get along fine with Luciana and even claimed her to be her friend. During the story Luciana invites Rosaura to her party, because as I said they were“friends”, but Herminia didn’t want her to go because she said it was a rich people’s party and Rosaura would not fit in. Rosaura finally goes to the party , and during it Señora Ines asks her to do severalfavors. At the end Señora Ines gives her money and not a present as all of the other kids, Rosaura was very confused, and Herminia just accepted with submission. I think Rosaura was so young andinnocent to know the sad truth about the difference between social classes. Herminia didn’t want Rosaura to go because she knew perfectly by her own experience that different social classes don’t get along,or for most of the cases don’t. So with a little uncertainty she let Rosaura found out for herself what it was like. Rich people have a lot of power to control their destiny, they have access to goodeducation, they have money to do things they want to do, etc. While poor people only have the obligation to work hard to build a good destiny. I think Herminia knew perfectly what her role was. Shewas only the maid of the house, and his obligation was to follow orders and work. Rosaura could not see this reality, or maybe she didn’t want to see it or accept it. At the end Señora Inesunintentionally puts Rosaura on her reality, and that’s where we can see that Herminia was perfectly sure of their role and Rosaura sadly had to accept it.

As time passes, kids in the world have different...
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