The underground man

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I am a hypocrite, when it comes down to technology or media. I try to convince myself that I am not one of the consumers that as soonas they see the sale section run to find their size. I try to convince myself that I am not full on envy when I see my friends withthe latest gadget. However, I realized that I am full of lies. I work in the fashion industry as the ‘annoying, persisting salesassociate’. I have an Ipod, a Smartphone, a lap top, a stereo, and a TV. So, I have decided to stop being a hypocrite and declare once andfor all that: I am salve of technology! And, dear classmates, you may think that I’m just an empty foolish soul that has been drowninginto the madness of consumerism. However, I ask you. Do you own cell phone that does more that calling, which is supposed to be itsmain function? Do you own an IPod, even though you know that you will never hear all the seven hundred songs in one day? Do you takeyour laptop to your classes, fully knowing that pencils and paper still exist in this world? Well, you can give me thousands of excusesfor your actions. I can give you mine, but I do not think you would be interested. The fact remains that when it comes down to‘discussing’ our modern technological world, we forget that we have become the media, the message. We are the final products of consumerism.
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