The Vibration Of Success By Randy Gage

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The Vibration of Success

By Randy Gage

Nov 17, 2004, 15:55 |

I was sitting with a friend in the Hash House a Go Go, in San Diego. It’s a great little diner, the perfect place for philosophical discussions. It’s the place I mentioned in my BreakthroughU “Daily Awakenings” with homemade jam each morning, fresh baked biscuits, and pancakes the size of manhole covers. 

We were discussingsome of the speakers we know who say all the right “spiritual” things on the platform, but don’t live by those same principles off it.

And, of course, they are demonstrating the results of that in their personal lives . . . 

Between them they have an abundance of disease, recurring financial setbacks, and countless other challenges. Which the average person would see as randomcircumstances. 

But, of course you and I know these things are the result of the level they are vibrating on, and the level of their consciousness.

Because you can’t fool the Universe. As you think inside, so you shall manifest outside. There are no accidents, no coincidences, and no random acts. If you want to know where your consciousness is at, look no further than the results in your life.

Now youcan’t talk about vibration without looking at energy. And when you talk about energy, that seems to scare or put off many people. 

Now I feel energy, and feel strongly about it. I am very intuitive to it. And place a great deal of credence to any energy readings I get.

When I meet someone, I instantly get a feel whether they have positive or negative energy. Or conflicted energy.

I pickthe restaurants I want to try by the energy they exude. I would never buy a home with negative energy.

When I expanded my office once, we took over the space from a medical practice. I never felt comfortable in the new side, and then the business started experiencing some financial challenges. Suddenly I began to question the energy of the space. (All those sick patients coming in with illnessand disease every day.)

We brought in a friend who does Feng Shui. She burned off the negative energy, and things immediately turned around.

I often forget that most of the world don’t experience things like I do. I’ll be walking with people looking for a place to eat and I’ll remark that a certain place has a good energy. Suddenly people are looking at each other questioningly and eyeing mesuspiciously.

It’s one of those things that can be difficult to explain. It’s like trying to describe purple to a blind person. The people who are tuned into energy understand, the rest think you have lost your mind.

Science gives us some clues. But probably not enough to create belief in the devout skeptic. 

Here is what we do know . . .

There are things we can’t seem to see, hear ortouch, but they are very real nonetheless. So the “put it here in front of me” argument doesn’t always serve you. A good analogy is the frequency of sounds and the human ear . . .

I can blow a dog whistle, and you won’t hear anything. There would appear to be no “evidence” that the whistle had actually been blown. But that doesn’t stop a dozen dogs in the neighborhood from hearing it, becausethey are attuned to that frequency.

Everything we needed to build a rocket was on this earth 200 years ago. But if you would have told people then about a rocket, they would have given you all the “proof” that such an idea was foolish and quite impossible. 

It is not that science is wrong. It is that our knowledge, understanding, and application of science is constantly evolving. As we learnmore about how natural laws work, we get a deeper understanding of what is possible. 

One of the keys to a prosperous life is being open to new things. This means sometimes having faith in things that you might not understand or be able to explain completely. 

The paper you are reading now appears to be solid. But in actuality, it is 999999 percent space.

The balance is what scientists...
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