The adoption of childrens by homosexual couples

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“The adoption of children by homosexual couples”

The adoption of children by gay couples is something that I agree, I think that as politic, laws and society in general are reported as free andsovereign, so too should consider a person beyond . We think that we must take into account in determining whether a person can adopt a child mental health. In this case, both heterosexuals andhomosexuals can be healthy or mentally. Not dependent on sexual orientation. Unfortunate cases of heterosexual know "respectable" leading a double life that included violent sexual practices and bad.

Thebase of every person is found in the family and this may be formed as "normal “and have been showing us, but we must keep in mind that human beings are curious by nature and that in turn have differentpreferences , that does not make an inferior, less capable, to perform a task of everyday life and given that education in "normal" families can also occur by the same way by those gay couples,because is not true that some have less capacity than others, I think we all have the same capabilities is only that it is up to each person in the way how they performed.

People often rejectthings that seem strange and of course that they don’t know generally is people that is not inform, and that they don’t have a more open view. They say that children adopted by these people are a joke byothers, but really I think it is not a valid idea because it has been seen in society and in many cultures there are cases of sexual abuse by heterosexuals and even by the same parents, and murder thathas nothing to do with gay issues.

While these people teach them their bases, as it would be to not be ashamed of the simple fact that their parents are not like other people, make them see thatthe human being goes beyond a simple social or moral criticism, because no one is equal. That respect is not only "respect similar to you” is to show them that there exist a huge variety of ways...
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