Time For Everything

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Hi everyone!
To have time to do all my work, enjoy my hobbies (human towers) and still have enough time left over to read, do somesport or going out with my friends I try to organise myself in the best way.
I am so lucky because I do not have a strict schedule to carryout. I am running my own business since some months ago, this means that I have to pay attention to my mobile and my email during allday. Despite that, I can organise my time in my convenience.
I spend my time working, studying and enjoying my life! To have time foreverything it is really important to manage my time really well.
I use to make a list of things to do regularly. I have a list on mycomputer and I add new tasks every day and delete the ones that are just done. Also I write down the tasks I have to do every day in my agendato organise my time. I do not like to leave assignments until the last time. I think that getting the things done on time allows you tolearn more about what you are doing and also be more concentrated on your tasks and get better results. This works for both job, studiesand also in your life.
An important aspect that will help you to be 100% at any time is to have enough break times to enjoy your lifedoing the things that you most like. It is a useful relief to have time to rest and disconnect when you are too much stressed or tired.
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