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Topic 1: The Legal Uses of Force in Conflict

“All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independenceof any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.” (Article 2.4 UN Charter) This was written within the original United Nations Charter in 1945. Nevertheless,it is considered to be a fundamental part of sovereignty as a state to be able to declare war. Force being an opposition of sovereignty and a necessity for security are both justifiable withininternational law. The purpose of the Sixth Committee would be to adapt an international code of law that would not only stipulate the circumstances of necessary force, but the process by which to moderatecase by case the numerous situations at hand and in the future. The International Court of Justice has been established to review on a case by case basis these situations across the world. However,the Sixth Committee is responsible for creating the legal code that the ICJ will adhere by.

At present four continents are continuously plagued by warfare. Modern warfare has evolved from actionsbetween states into actions between states and non-state groups. From the ongoing War on Terror revolving around the American coalition and Al-Qaeda, which is a state versus terrorist, or non stateactor, group to the ongoing war over Palestine, which is a state versus region conflict; war has clearly evolved from its formal origins. This development has left loopholes for those in power to utilizemilitary action citing security as legal reasoning. While in some cases the use of force has been seen as beneficial to free nations from tyrants and the population from crimes against humanity, inothers it has been asserted that motives have been less noble. Various situations exist presently that have not yet been solved as there is no formal code to justify one position or the other; in all...
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