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Social Drinking Facts

Social drinking could be in the company of friends, family, or even work colleagues. But social drinking facts are that many times it transforms into chronic drinking, andthis can be harmful. Here are some social drinking facts that should keep you alert and cautious.

Almost everyone who has consumed alcohol at some point of time in their life is aware about what socialdrinking is. The act of consuming alcohol with a primary purpose of socializing is known as social drinking. Going out to a restaurant or a bar with friends, family members or work colleagues andindulging in a few glasses of alcohol falls under the definition of social drinking. As opposed to chronic drinking or problem drinking, social drinking is less addictive and has fewer long termdisadvantages.

Consuming alcohol in general is not something that should be condoned. But it goes without saying that as long as some degree of moderation is followed, the effects are less harmful to thehuman body. The subculture of social drinking has seen a rapid rise, and everywhere you look you can easily spot social drinkers. Generically speaking, any activity that involves alcohol abuse andoccurs within the company of a group of people, can be termed social drinking. Given below are some social drinking facts.

Social Drinking Facts - Violence

In most commonly seen cases around thecountry, people who indulge in social drinking generally do not know when to stop. Since they are not seasoned drinkers they tend to drink more than what they are capable of holding in. One of themajor reasons for this is peer pressure. As a result of this sudden excessive amount of alcohol in the body, they tend to display aggressive tendencies and get violent. One of the social drinkingproblems widely seen is that, people begin confronting each other for minor issues. Sometimes the situation can escalate beyond control and it can result in a major showdown. Some people even display...
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