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1.- Words, parts of words, and sentences that are near or around an unfamiliar word. They can help you guess what an unfamiliar word means:
1. General Knowledge
2. Adjectives

4. Context Clues
2.- A writer will use transitions like “for instance,” “including” and “such as” to introduce…
1. Antonyms
2. Examples
3. Synonyms
4. Adverb3.- This is one of the most common “context clue” a writer use
1. Complements
2. Definition
3. Noun
4. Ver
4.- Economic model of price determination in a market:

1. RetailSales
2. Supply and Demand
3. Growth in Demand
4. Globalization

5.- This is the sentence where the main idea is located.
1. Detail Sentence
2. General Sentence
3.Topic Sentence
4. Supporting Sentence
6.- The main idea in a paragraph is a:

1. Specific Idea
2. General idea
3. Similar idea
4. Good Idea
7.- In a dictionary the entry usuallybegins with…

1. Grammatical information
2. Title
3. Name of the Author
4. Bibliography
8.- When you move your eyes very quickly through a reading until you find the information youare looking for.

1. Reading words in groups
2. Scanning
3. Reading from a computer screen
4. Memorizing

9.-Examples, facts, ideas, llustrations, cases, and/or anecdotes used bythe writer to explain, expand on, and develop a general main idea…

1. Context Clues
2. Bibliography
3. Supporting Details

10.- This means the paragraph “says” what the main idea is…1. Implied Main Idea
2. Stated Main Idea
3. Main Idea
11.- Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

2. Outsourcing
3. Sustainability
4. Demographics

12.- Consists of transactions that are devised and carried out across national borders to satisfy the objectives of...
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