Tourism in manabi

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Manabi Tourism
Manabi Province and has has almost 200,000 inhabitants.

From Portoviejo is can visit the different beaches that are only a half hour away.

Machalilla National Park is in the province of Manabi near Puerto Lopez on the coast.

San Gregorio de Portoviejo is the provincial capital and also is head of the canton canton of the same name. This city is the first cityestablished in the Ecuadorian coast and was founded on March 12, 1535 by the Spanish Francisco Pacheco, who was an army captain conquistador Diego de Almagro.

"El Diario" indicates that the city of Portoviejo is founded with the name of Emperor Charles V of Austria and I of Spain, the name of San Gregorio de Portoviejo is a tribute to the great Pontiff of the Catholic Church.


Manta is the main port of the Manabi Province and is in the northwest near Portoviejo.

Puerto López
Puerto Lopez is near the National Park Machalilla and here is a beautiful beach. Boats depart from here to the Isla de la Plata and observation tours Vallenas humpback.

Isla de la Plata
Island of Puerto Plata is in front of Cayo, but there are also boats fromPuerto López to the island. On the island are some animals and plants like the Galapagos Islands, such as "Blue Legs." The boat ride to Isla de la Plata in the season is the possibility to observe the humpback Vallenas.

Machalilla National Park
Machalilla National Park is in the province of Manabi near Puerto Lopez on the coast.

Caráquez Bay
Caráquez Bay has a lovely beach. Be reached byboat from San Vicente in the north of Portoviejo.

Crucita is in the northwest near Portoviejo.

San Jacinto
San Jacinto is in northern Rocafuerte.

San Clemente
San Clemente is near San Jacinto is in northern Rocafuerte.

Pedernales is on the beach in the northern province of Manabi.

Cojimíes is a beach on the northern tip of the province ofManabi.

Puerto Cayo
Puerto Cayo is in southwestern Portoviejo.

Los Frailes
The Friars have a pretty lonely beach is in southwestern Portoviejo.

Montanita has beach and is in southwestern Portoviejo in the province of Guayas.

Montecristi Manta Portoviejo and lies between

Diversity in Manabi Tourism

The province of Manabi is the most privileged ofthe coast of Ecuador with its 350 miles of beach, from Ayampe (south) to Pedernales (north), geography is characterized by cliffs, river estuaries, islands, islands, slabs and rocks that show beautiful landscapes along our coastal geography, which is the main attraction in our province region.

Beaches .- Manabi beaches are the most appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists, which we canmention the following "virtual tour" from the north, in Canton Pedernales where they are the most beautiful beaches on the Ecuadorian coast. They are great for practicing water sports. Continue south on Jama, where it is located "El Mirador del Pacifico" or Punta Prieta, a massive rock formation where there is a place to stay, enjoy the flora and fauna.

Then there is "The Arc of Love", a rockformation located in the town of Tasaste, which was eroded by the sea water and the wind also has the beautiful and quiet beaches of San Juan and El Matal.
We in San Vicente, with extensive and pleasant beaches of Canoa.

In the canton sucre, at the head cantonal Caráquez Bay, there are many important places of tourist attractions like the Chone River estuary, beaches and Punta Bellaca chirij.One point is dedicated to the beaches of San Jacinto, San Clemente and Punta de Charapotó, with an important reserve of mangrove, extensive beaches and which are connected with? La Boca? or Portoviejo River mouth, thence to the parish Crucita spa, main attractions in the central part of the Manabi coast.

We continue to Manta, and its influence are the beaches of The Bat, San Mateo, San...
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