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Ex. 1. Use the correct form of the verb TO BE (am/is/are)

1. The teacher is in the classroom now..
2. John and Mary are good friends.
3. The men are tired..
4.Those vehicles are slow-moving.(vehículos lentos) 5. Those weapons are powerful. (armas-poderosas) 6. Doctor Smith is busy right now7. The train is ten minutes late.
8. Is an undergraduatestudent
9. The instructor´s name is John Doe.
10. The instructors are in the staff-room. (sala de profs.)

Ex. 2. Answer these questions, as in the example
Is Tom a pilot? Yes, he is. He´s a pilot.1. Are you in the office? Yes, _I am. I`m the office
2. Is that man Mr. Clark? Yes, he is. He´s Mr. Clark.
3. Are we ready to go? Yes, we are. We´re ready to go.
4. Am I a good instructor? Yes, Iam. I´m a good instructor
5. Are the students in class? Yes, they are. They´re students in class.
6. Is Miss Jones a secretary? Yes, she is. She´s a secretary
7. Is this a modern plane? Yes, It is.It´s a modern plane.
8. Are the manuals updated?(actualizados) Yes, It is. It´s manuals updated
9. Is the bank open? Yes, it is. It´s open.
10. Are you hungry? (hambriento) Yes, I am. I´m hungryEx. 3. Answer the questions as in the example:

Are they instructors? (students) No, they are not. (They aren´t instructors). They ´re students

1. Are the boys angry? enojados (hungry)hambrientos . No, they are not. (They aren´t angry). They´re hungry.

2. Are you thirsty? sedientos (hungry) No, I am not. I´m not thristy . I´m hungry.

3. Is Bob at home? en casa (at work) en el trabajoNo, he is not. (He isn´t at home) . He´s at work.

4. Are the children happy? felices (sad) tristes No, they are not. (They aren´t happy) . They´re sad.

5. Is your brother a doctor? (anengineer) No, he is not. (He isn´t a doctor) . He´s an engineer.

6. Are your friends American? (British) No, he is not. (He isn´t American) . He´s British.

7. Are you a navy officer?(an army officer)...
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