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Exegetical Research Paper
Book of Revelation Chapter 20:1-14.
Historical Background
The book of Revelations gave a great hope to the church in the first century, and through the ages has been a jewel to the Christians around the world in times of spiritual drought. But at the same time has caused many controversies for the modern readers and for the present generations. It is the mostobscure and difficult book in the Bible. However, those who study the text book agree that it is unique source of Christian teaching and one of timeless relevance. Moreover, the title of the book gives light on its character, because Revelations differs in kind from the other New Testament books. This difference is not in doctrine but in literary genre and subject material. One of the questions thathave appeared through history is, why did the Lord used a method that seemingly makes his message so obscure?
According to Gaebelein the type of language was not as strange to the first century readers as it is for many people today. Second, only through symbolism and imagery the readers were able to gain some understanding of the things of the Lord was unveiling through the writer John. Finally,John sees a big contrast of the picture that Isaiah describes on chapter fifty three, a humble Messiah, and the way that the Messiah lived on earth around John and the other disciples. John saw a conquering warrior King who has all the things under control including the persecution.
Regardless of the authorship of the book of Revelations, there have been several debates betweensome scholars, who affirm that there are unclear evidences concerning which John the text is talking about. At both the beginning and the end the book claims to be written by a man named John (1:1, 4, 9 22:8). But who was this John? This question caused so much discussion through the centuries.
The issue of the authorship of Revelations is the same as that of the authorship of the other Johanninewritings (of the Gospel and the Epistles). The earliest witnesses the fathers of the church attribute Revelations to John the apostle, the son of Zebedee. This subject most of the scholars have divided in two lines, which are external and internal evidence. The external evidence consists of the testimony of the church fathers, which is nearly unanimously in favor of the opinion that the apostleJohn was the author of the Apocalypse. These include Papias, Justin, Martyr, the Muratorian Fragment, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Hippolytus, Origen, and Methodius. But in the year (247-264), a notable exception to this testimony was Dionysius, a bishop of Alexandria, and Eusebius, who was persuaded by Dionysius.
On the other hand, the first internal argument, offered byDionysius is that whereas Revelations identifies its author as “John”, but the other letters and the Gospel does not mention any name. Second, the vocabulary of Revelations differs significantly from the Johannine writings. Finally, Dionysius claimed that Revelations is written in poor Greek, in contrast to the good Greek style of the other Johannine materials. However, on balance then, the externaland internal evidence seems to point to the apostle John as the author of the Apocalypse or, at the very least, a member of the Johannine School who were trained and worked for the same cause Jesus Christ. Many scholars agreed that John wrote his Gospel from Ephesus, therefore, John could leave many disciples in the region of Asia Manor
Two main dates for the writing of Revelation havebeen suggested. One is about the year 65, A.D. when Christians were being persecuted by Nero. The other is about the year 95, A.D. during the persecutions by Domitian, which replaced Nero the other Roman Emperor who was also very cruel to the Christians.
Recipient and Genre
The author affirms that the book was written at the island of Patmos (Rev. 1:9). The book is addressed to the seven...
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