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I want to talk obout a topic realted with unit number 3 Endurance test
First at all I want to explain which are the diferent meanings Extreme sport have because it is also important to know this.Adventure Sports have been best defined as 'Outdoor Sports or Activities in which the participant competes in a natural environment, more against themselves than against others'., Extreme Sports can beconsidered a sub-category of Adventure Sports, as well as the terms 'Action Sport' and 'Adventurous Sport' are also used.
An Extreme Sport is any sport featuring speed, height, danger, a high levelof physical exertion, or spectacular stunts. Another characteristic of extreme sports is that they tend to be individual rather than team sports. Extreme sports can include both competitive andnon-competitive activities.
There are an extended list of extreme sports practicing around the world but i just going to mention some of them practiced in North America and some practiced in our contry.In countries such as Us and Canada the extreme sports are popular in Young an adult people especially for the conditions they need to go on.
These sports that we are going to see are tipicalypracticed in especific places of the Us because of the conditions they need.
I chose these sports because may be you never Heard of. It has a diferent format we are used to and my personal opinion seemsto be a Little bit crazy.
Dirt surfing is a board sport where riders coast along an inline board over roads, mountains, grass and anything else they want. The bigger wheels work on more terrains andsome disciplines attach a kite to the board and take it to the next level – wingsurfing.

Powerbocking is the name for what is basically a set of extreme stilts. It’s like the xgames for performanceartists. They attach on the feet with bindings and the user springs off of them to jump up to three feet high and run up to twenty mph.
Freestyle walking is basically climbing and jumping off...
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