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Carlos Bonnin and Miguel Aguayo
Mrs. Torres Davila
British Literature 12
31 March 2010
Unit 13 and 14 Quiz
Unit 13
1. I put my wet shoes outside in the sun and they were _____ within an hour.2. I felt quite honored when Mr. Baldwin chose to _____ us with his presence.
3. His kind deeds engendered good feelings in those whom he helped_____ good feelings in those whom he helped.4. He gave a _____ answer, which the teacher did not believe it was true.
5. Today the cows carry out a similar function in a rather more _____ manner.
6. My dad created a great _____ à l'orangefor dinner.
7. We should have a _____ heart so that we can admit our wrongs.
8. The entrance to the hotel has a glass _____ allowing light into the lobby area.
9. These _____ terms canbe illustrated most simply by diagrams.
10. It looks quite _____ out here in the middle of nowhere.
11. The _____ of the rehabilitation program helped people quit drinking.
12. She dressedso beautifully at the party that she was the _____ for the entire evening.
13. My uncle is a _____ man who always finds the smallest faults to criticize my father.
14. The financial aspectradically altered the inner _____ of the company.
15. Suddenly, ghostly, _____ voices fill the house.
16. The magician was able to _____ the entire audience from on stage.
17. The _____ filmI watched last night at 12 pm frightened me to walk near graveyards.
18. The _____ felt by the man who accidently shot the teenager was noticeable to his whole community.
19. Her cheating onthe exam was a serious _____ to her standard of ethics.
20. Ennio is not _____ of the fact that he will never look like Denzel Washington.
Unit 14
1. As he prayed you could see that he had anintense experience of God because of his _____ expression on his face.
2. The _____ he used on her paid off when she agreed to see a movie with him.
3. I saw it emerge from the depths of the...
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