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Her entire honeymoon gave her hot and cold shivers. A blond, angelic, and timid young girl, the childhood fancies she had dreamed about being a bride had been chilled by her husband's rough characterHe, for his part, loved her profoundly but never let it be seen.  they had been married in April - they lived in a special kind of bliss. Doubtless she would have wished less severity in therigorous sky of love,
Alicia passed the autumn in this strange love nest. She had determined, however, to cast a veil over her former dreams and live like a sleeping beauty in the hostile house, trying notto think about anything till her husband arrived each evening. 
It is not strange that she grew thin. She had a light attack of influenza that dragged on insidiously for days and days: Finally oneafternoon she was able to go into the garden, supported on her husband's arm.This was the last day Alicia was well enough to be up. The following day she awakened feeling faint. Jordan's doctor examinedher with minute attention,"I don't know," he said to Jordan at the street door. "She has a great weakness that I am unable to explain. And with no vomiting, nothing . . . if she wakes tomorrow as shedid today, call me at once." 
When she awakened the following day, Alicia was worse. There was a consultation. It was agreed there was an anemia of incredible progression, completely inexplicable.Alicia was all day long in her bedroom, and there was complete silence. Jordan virtually lived in the drawing-room, With tireless persistence he paced ceaselessly from one end of the room to the other.The carpet swallowed his steps. At times he entered the bedroom and continued his silent pacing back and forth alongside the bed, stopping for an instant at each end to regard his wife. 
SuddenlyAlicia began to have hallucinations, The doctors returned, but to no avail. They saw before them a diminishing life, a life bleeding away day by day, hour by hour, absolutely without their knowing why....
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