Transgenic plants

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February 2th-2012

Biotechnology and more specifically plant biotechnology is the process in which by genetic engineering plant DNAis modified for our own purposes or to obtain the results we want to make our life easier. One of the things that we can make with this new technique called genetic engineering are the transgenicplants, that according to the definition, we can give special characteristics to a type or specie of plant and with this the plant according to the part of DNA that was introduced, it is going to produceor do what we wanted it to do. An example of this behavior can be the golden rice, that with plant biotechnology, scientists are obtaining rice with lots more of vitamin. In my opinion, transgenicplants are most probably giving us benefits that giving us risks because the reasons of being healthy are so more concrete for human society.

The advantages of using a product that was testedor used by biotechnology are not only for the one that is using the product; it is also for the society and our planet. Transgenic plants are giving us three principal things that help us so much inour lives. First of all and the most important is helping the environmental quality, caring about our planet and is helping because with the genetic information that we introduced in the plant, theplant will be now protected against insects or diseases that save the soil or rivers to receive the insecticides or pesticides that pollute our environment, and with biotechnology the soil will notreceive the great amount of quantity it was receiving before of this dangerous chemicals. In second place, with this save of buying the amount of chemicals that the farmers needed to use before in theirplants, to the farmers, biotechnology led them to save the money from this pesticides or insecticides and spend it in more important things. And in third place, it gives one but big benefit to the...
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