Treaty Of Versailles

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What were the economic consequences of the Treaty of Versailles for Germany between 1923-1924?
In this essay I will talk about the German economy in the 1920’s and how the treaty of Versaillesaffected the German economy. As we know war is always tragic; it doesn’t only cause casualties and emotional pain, itre peace and with the high reparation costs (660 million pounds) they forced onGermany they managed to destroy the most powerful economy in Europe. This didn’t only affect Germany; it also affected other European countries.
During WW1 every country involved lost a greatamount of money by financing the war, Germany did not only loose huge amounts money financing the war, but they also lost a huge amount of money paying reparations. Another issue that worsened theGerman situation was the loss of territory specially colonies that the treaty of Versailles imposed.
Setting high reparation prices for Germany wasn’t a good idea and we can see this because in 1922Germany asked for more time to pay the reparations to the French the French ran out of patience and decided to enter the Ruhr where they took what Germany owned then in materials and goods instead,after this occurred German workers were told to strike so there weren’t things for the French to take any longer but the French acted with more violence and killed about 100 protesters.
The maincause for economic disaster and what affected Germany the most was that when the industrial production stopped and there were no goods to trade the German government decided to print more moneybecause it would pay off debts and striking workers which caused hyperinflation and the German currency collapsed.
The printinle situations like life savings becoming worthless in seconds, moneybecame so unimportant that people started using it to light fires.
This all happened during the Weimar Republic

In the table at the right we can see the scale of hyperinflation

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