Was The Treaty Of Versailles Fair On Germany?

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Was the treaty of Versailles fair on Germany?

At the end of the big war the powers went into a conference to decide the future of Europe, they made lots of peace treaties and one of those wasnamed the treaty of Versailles . the treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty between The Allies and Germany, some people say that this treaty was very unfair to Germany, but was it really unfair?One of the terms that the treaty of Versailles had was the war guilt, this mean that Germany had to take blame for starting the war, this was unfair with Germany. There where lots of reasons that madethe war start and where not fully fault of Germany, this term made the Germans feel very bad because they didn’t felt like they started the war. As consequence of Germany being blamed for startingthe war they had to pay reparations to the allies for damage caused by war they had to pay 6600 million this price was set in 1921 and Germany finished paying this bill by 1948. This term was unfairwith Germany too because they just had pass through a war, their economy was very bad and they had to fix their country of war damages and also pay to the allies to fix their countries so that putGermany on a very difficult position.

Germany had to lose some of their territories and colonies and that was another term of the treaty of Versailles, their over sea empire was taken away. Germancolonies became controlled by The League of Nations which meant that France and England controlled them. German European borders that where very extensive and had lots of farm lands and factories,where given to other countries by the treaty and last the treaty forbidden Germany to join together with Austria. This was an unfair term because Germany had to pay some reparations but the allieswhere giving some industrial area to other countries which cut down the possibilities of Germany to pay reparations faster, also this term where on benefit of France and England because the colonies...
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