Turbines standards

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|8410 |hydraulic turbines, water wheels & regulators, pts |
|841011 |Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels, of a Power Not Exceeding, 1, 000kw |
|841012 |Hydraulic Turbines and Water Wheels, Power 1, 000-10, 000kw ||841013 |Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels, of a Power Exceeding 10, 000kw |
|841090 |Parts of Hydraulic Turbines and Water Wheels, Including Regulators |

Indian standards

|IS 12800 : Part 3 |Guidelines for Selection of Hydraulic Turbine, Preliminary Dimensioning and Layout ofSurface |Active |
|: 1991 |Hydroelectric Power Houses - Part 3 : Small, Mini and Micro Hydroelectric Power Houses | |
|IS 12837 : 1989 |Hydraulic Turbines for Medium and Large Power Houses - Guidelines for Selection |Active |
|IS 14197 : 1994 |Code for model acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines|Active |


ASME PTC 18-2002, Hydraulic Turbines
and Pump - Turbines
This Code defines procedures for field
performance and acceptance testing of
hydraulic turbines and pump-turbines operating
with water in either the turbine or pump mode.

ASME PTC 29-2005, Speed Governing
Systems for Hydraulic Turbine
Generators Units
The objective of this Code is to provideuniform
test methods and procedures to determine the
performance and operational characteristics of
a hydraulic turbine speed governor. This Code
may be used to conduct factory acceptance
testing or to evaluate the current characteristics
of an installed speed governor. Not all of the
possible results that can be determined by
application of this Code need be part of every
test. Prior totesting, the parties to the test shall
agree whether the Code shall be used in whole
or in part to satisfy individual test objectives.

IEEE 125-1996, Recommended Practice for
Preparation of Equipment Specifications
for Speed-Governing of Hydraulic
Turbines Intended to Drive Electric
Applies to mechanical-hydraulic or
electric-hydraulic type governors for all type ofhydraulic turbines.

IEEE 810-1994 (R2001), Standard for
Hydraulic Turbine and Generator
Integrally Forged Shaft Couplings and
Shaft Tolerances
Applies to the dimensions of integrally forged
shaft couplings and to the shaft runout
tolerances. Shafts and couplings included in
this standard are used for both horizontal and
vertical connections between generators and
turbines in hydroelectricinstallations.

IEEE C50.12-2005, Standard for
Salient-Pole 50 and 60 Hz Synchronous
Generators and Generator/Motors for
Hydraulic Turbine Applications Rated 5
MVA and Above
Contains requirements for all types of 50 and
60 Hz salient-pole synchronous generators and
generator/motors rated 5000 kVA and above to
be used for hydraulic turbine or hydraulic
pump/turbine applications.International Standards

IEC 60041 Ed. 3.0 b:1991
"Field acceptance tests to determine the hydraulic performance of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines"
"Specifies methods for any size and type of impulse or
reaction turbine, storage pump or pump turbine. Determines
whether the contract guarantees have been fulfilled and deals
with the rules governing these tests as well as themethods of
computing the results and the content and style of the final
report. Replaces IEC 60198 (1966) and IEC 60607 (1978). "

IEC 60193 Ed. 2.0 b:1999
"Hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines - Model acceptance tests "

IEC 60308 Ed. 2.0 b:2005
Hydraulic turbines - Testing of control systems
"Deals with the definition and the characteristics of control systems. It is not...
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