Two odd flags

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Two odd flags

When my friend Félix returned from England he told me that he had been to Scotland for a couple of days. He visited some interesting places like Edimburgh where he visited theEdimburgh Castle, and after that he went to the Highlands to visit the Three Sister Mountains of Glencoe, the Eilean Donan Castle where some very wellknown films were filmed like ‘Highlanders’ withChristopher Lambert and the Scottish actor Sean Connery. He also visited the Monument of Sir William Wallace in Stirling and finally he went to the Loch Ness.
In a little town by the Loch Ness he boughtsome souvenirs in a shop like key rings with Nessie on, t-shirts, books and something like that. When he was telling me all the things he visited and did in Scotland he took out of his backpack apackage wich gave me.
‘This is for you’ he said with a smile. I was surprised, and I opened the package quickly. There were a little stone, a key ring with a small Scottish bagpiper on it and under that ablue cloth. He told me that the he picked the little stone in a hill which surrounds the City of Edimburg, near the castle. The key ring was bougth in Stirling and as I was opening out the bluecloth, he told me he had bought it in the shop in the little town by the Loch Ness. It was a blue flag with a white diagonal cross on it. I realised that it was the flag of Scotland and I was so glad. Hesaid that he had bought another one which the shopkeeper told him it was the Royal Flag of Scotland with a red lion rampant on it. We didn’t know nothing about these two flags but the both had originssurrounded by legends.
It is said in Scotland that the National Flag, the white saltire (the diagonal cross on it) on a blue background is the oldest flag in Europe. It is also said that it wasoriginated in a battle fought between the Scots and the Picts against the Angles of Northumbria.
There are several versions of this legend, but they all tells of an army of the Pict king Hungus which...
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