Uml 2.0 Superstructure Specification

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UML 2.0 Superstructure Specification
This OMG document replaces the submission document (ad/03-04-01) and the Draft Adopted specification (ptc/03-07-06). It is an OMG Final Adopted Specification and is currently in the finalization phase. Comments on the content of this document are welcomed, and should be directed to by September 8, 2003. You may view the pending issues for thisspecification from the OMG revision issues web page; however, at the time of this writing there were no pending issues. The FTF Recommendation and Report for this specification will be published on April 30, 2004. If you are reading this after that date, please download the available specification from the OMG Specifications Catalog.

OMG Adopted Specificationptc/03-08-02

Date: August 2003

Unified Modeling Language: Superstructure

version 2.0
Final Adopted Specification ptc/03-08-02

Copyright © 2001-2003 Adaptive Ltd. Copyright © 2001-2003 Alcatel Copyright © 2001-2003 Borland Software Corporation Copyright © 2001-2003 Computer Associates International, Inc. Copyright © 2001-2003 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson Copyright © 2001-2003 FujitsuCopyright © 2001-2003 Hewlett-Packard Company Copyright © 2001-2003 I-Logix Inc. Copyright © 2001-2003 International Business Machines Corporation Copyright © 2001-2003 IONA Technologies Copyright © 2001-2003 Kabira Technologies, Inc. Copyright © 2001-2003 MEGA International Copyright © 2001-2003 Motorola, Inc. Copyright © 1997-2001 Object Management Group. Copyright © 2001-2003 OracleCorporation Copyright © 2001-2003 SOFTEAM Copyright © 2001-2003 Telelogic AB Copyright © 2001-2003 Unisys Copyright © 2001-2003 X-Change Technologies Group, LLC

USE OF SPECIFICATION - TERMS, CONDITIONS & NOTICES The material in this document details an Object Management Group specification in accordance with the terms, conditions and notices set forth below. This document does not represent acommitment to implement any portion of this specification in any company's products. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. LICENSES The companies listed above have granted to the Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG) a nonexclusive, royalty-free, paid up, worldwide license to copy and distribute this document and to modify this document and distribute copies of themodified version. Each of the copyright holders listed above has agreed that no person shall be deemed to have infringed the copyright in the included material of any such copyright holder by reason of having used the specification set forth herein or having conformed any computer software to the specification. Subject to all of the terms and conditions below, the owners of the copyright in thisspecification hereby grant you a fully-paid up, non-exclusive, nontransferable, perpetual, worldwide license (without the right to sublicense), to use this specification to create and distribute software and special purpose specifications that are based upon this specification, and to use, copy, and distribute this specification as provided under the Copyright Act; provided that: (1) both thecopyright notice identified above and this permission notice appear on any copies of this specification; (2) the use of the specifications is for informational purposes and will not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media and will not be otherwise resold or transferred for commercial purposes; and (3) no modifications are made to this specification. This limitedpermission automatically terminates without notice if you breach any of these terms or conditions. Upon termination, you will destroy immediately any copies of the specifications in your possession or control. PATENTS The attention of adopters is directed to the possibility that compliance with or adoption of OMG specifications may require use of an invention covered by patent rights. OMG shall not be...
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