Un Mundo Feliz

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1 a Bruno b Miriam c Miriam d Miriam
2 a Miriam made trouble
b see Anne and/or start his job in Florida
c May
d Bruno was speaking of murder in a hot and untidy
3 Possible answers:
a, cOpen answers; still unanswered in this section
b Possible answers: Bruno is insane / On p. 14 we
learn that he feels Guy is his friend, which gives
him a reason to live; he would do anything forGuy and thinks he helps him by killing Miriam /
He expects Guy will kill his father in return.
d that he is going to Tulsa, to see friends
e yes, because there is music, laughs, people
4 Magnolia
aM; Miriam
b A; rat
c G; pig
d N; Sunday
e O; Joe
f L; Tulsa
g I; taxi
a b c d e f g b
5 Possible answers:
page action/thing reason
18 Bruno sends Guy a
card from a taxi Coin
Evidence that Bruno
is in Metcalf and
knows Guy
19 Bruno sends Guy a
Evidence that they
know each other
19 Bruno telephones
Guy’s mother and
sends Guy a letter toFlorida saying he will
be careful
Evidence that
they know each
other and there is
something to be
careful about
20 Bruno tells his mother
that he knows Guy
and lets her see
the cut-outs fromnewspapers about
Miriam’s murder
Evidence that they
know each other.
21 Guy sends a note to
Evidence that they
know each other
23 Bruno visits Guy Evidence that they
know each other
23Bruno sends Guy
a map of his house,
a written plan, a total
of 21 letters and a gun
All letters and the
gun are evidence
6 Rule: Move the first consonant sound to the end and
add ‘ey’. If thereis no initial consonant sound, only
add ‘ey’.
a Nice town Metcalf. 3
b It is your turn now.
c I have killed your wife.
d All good wishes from the golden west. 3
7 b 5 3 c 7 3 d 3 7 e 2 7 f 4 3 g6 3
8 a She asked Gerard if he thought Bruno knew about
it and promised to tell him anything Bruno might
say. (page 31)
b At times he felt Guy and himself were like Gods
(page 32) but he...
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