Un viejo que leía novelas de amor

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Un Viejo Que Leía Novelas De Amor


The Mayor: He is the head of the town. He is a fat and bad tempered man. His nickname was “La Babosa” since he sweated a lot. He gets the townto make citizens’ life harder because he charges taxes and he thinks he is the only one that is always right.

The Indians: They are the tribe of the “Shuars”. They live in the jungle, hunting andspeaking their own language. They like drinking and smoking, however they are not violent people.
I consider that they all are round. Some of the most perceptible transformations are carried out byAntonio and the mayor. The first one presents several changes, among them we can mention when he lose his wife and moves to the jungle with the “Shuars” and when he kills the mountain cat, he hadlearned to respect nature, however he kills the animal. Once the action is done he realizes he did wrong. The mayor also had a change in the story; he had to accept his ignorance and cowardice.Setting

The actions of this story are developed in a small village called the “Idilio”. It is surrounded by the forest and the river Nagaritza crosses over it. For this reason the ferry and littleboats are the main means for the settlers to move. The Village is used by the writer to portray the characters’ personalities and behaviors; however, the most important part of the work takes place inthe jungle. The woods involve a series of beauties and mysteries that might turn into something extremely dangerous. This is exactly what occurs when the group of men decides to hunt the feline; thedark and fear of the night make the mayor admit his errors and ask Antonio for help to kill the animal.


In spite of the fact that the story keeps a constant narration from the beginning,it has certain flashbacks to illustrate Antonio’s previous life, when his wife was still alive. Also these memories are used to describe the early times of the “Idilio”, when only a bunch of rustic...
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