Una cancion de navidad

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The King son was going to be married, he had waited a whole year for his bride, and at last she had arrived. She was a Russian princess, and had driven from Finland in asledge. She was so pale that all people wondered. A young page said that she was like a white rose but now she is like a red rose, and the king gave orders to doubled the Page´s salary and he considerate agreat honour, and was duly published in the Court Gazette. There was a ceremony over the marriage. The bride and bridegroom walked hand and hand under canopy of purple velvet. Then there was a StateBanquet, the Prince and Princess sat a top of the Great Hall and drank out of a cup of clear crystal. Only true lovers could drink out of this cup and the little Page said that is was quiet clear thatthey love each other, and the king doubled his salary for second time. After the banquet there was a Ball. The bride a bridegroom danced together, and the king had promised to play the flute. The lastitem was a grand display of fireworks, and the Royal Pyrotechnics had put all the fireworks in the proper place and they started to talk. They started to talk about the world how it was and that itwould take three days to see it thoroughly. And on Catharine Wheel said that the romance did not exist anymore and start discussing that if the romance is dead and if it not .Then a Rocket appear asaid that he was very remarkable rocket and come of remarkable parents. His mother was the most celebrated Catharine Wheel and she made a great public appearance. And his father was a Remarkable rocketlike him. The Remarkable Rocket said that the fireworks should be thinking about him, because he thought if something happened to him the Prince and the Princess would never be happy, a fireworks saidthat he should keep himself dry to give pleasures to others, but the remarkable said`` I shall weep if I choose´´ and he burst into real tears. Then at midnight everyone came out to the terrace to...
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