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I- The telephone was nvented…
Lenardo da vinci….mona lisa
The partenon…
Romeo and …..1595
The blue….compusted
II.- I`m hungry.i will have asandwich
It`s raining heavily soothe kids to go to the park this evening.
Really? I call her inmmediatly.
There`s a very difficultexam tomorrow. We will have to to spend al night
I`m having a meeting in an hour but my car doesn`t work. I take.
III. where is the womanthat ordered the fish?
The red lion is the pub where we roat for a drink
Look those are the policamen who caught the thiet
That`s the house where Iwas born
He gave her a watch wich stopped working after two days
IV. We decided to rent a house with…
Can you show me how to use this camera?The teacher made us do lots of homework
I`d like to travel around the world
Eating lots of sugar could be dangerous ….
V I have a good… in commonWe know there are a nmber of….. in danger
She didn`t study hard….in fact
I had to leave….in a hurry
This computer has….in addition
VI Ancient-very old, crowded-full of people,cosy-confortable and warm,popular-liked by a lot of people,safe-not dangerous.

VII. I TNHIK ….too
This coffee isn`yhot enough
There aren`t enough
This soup is too
We don`t have enough
VIII I had…take away
Unfortunately….run out of
Can I speak…. Hang on
Icalled….be booked up
He was really…. Get over
IX my uncle…. succesfull
Helen wasn`t…. helpful
You have…careful
I`m going….useless
I prefer….peaceful
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