Use Of English

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Verb Tenses

| |
|Structural Conversion |
| ||I’ve never been given such a nice present. |
|It’s the nicest present I’ve ever been given. |
| |
|He’s never flown by Concordebefore. |
|It’s the first time he’s ever flown by Concorde. |
| |
|It’s a long time since he visited us.|
|He hasn’t visited us for a long time. |
| |
|When did you leave school?|
|How long ago did you leave school? |
|How long is it since you left school? |
| |
|The lasttime I saw her was a month ago. |
|I haven’t seen her for a month. |
| |
|They haven’t reached Madrid yet.|
|They still haven’t reached Madrid. |
| |
|He joined the golf club ten months ago.|
|He has been a member of the golf club for ten months. |
| |
|It’s a month since she moved to Australia.|
|She moved to Australia a month ago. |
| |
|It’s a long time since we went out. |
|We haven’t been outfor a long time. |
| |
|She started English lessons a year ago. |
|She has been doing English lessons for a year....
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