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Tips for getting the most from an English Dictionary.
Learn the phonetic alphabet. At the beginning of most good English dictionaries, you'll find the phonetic table, which tells you how topronounce the phonetic symbols given with each word. If you learn these symbols, you'll find it much easier to pronounce new words.
Learn how to use the stress marks. Most English dictionaries show where thestress of a word is by using the mark '.
pho- 'to-gra-pher
Don't try to learn every new word - concentrate on the words or phrases you think you will need to know.Many English words have more than one meaning. Some dictionaries put the most common meaning first in the list of definitions.
Pictures of words, or word groups, can help you to remember moreeasily.
2. Why can't I understand the definitions? Perhaps your dictionary is too complicated. Try using one that's especially designed for learners of English at your level. It's annoying if you can'tunderstand the definition or example sentence of a new word. It's much better to start off with a simpler dictionary, such as Longman Active Study Dictionary, then move on to a more complex one later.
Understanding definitions
Once you have found the word you are looking for you need to understand a few common conventionsto make best use of your dictionary. Here is an example entry in a dictionary:
feat (fi:t) n. a remarkable, skillful, or daring action; exploit; achievement: feats of strength... (example taken fromthe Collins English Dictionary)
1. feat - the defined word
2. (fi:t) - a phonological transcription of the word (the correct pronunciation), usually using the IPA (International PhoneticAlphabet)
3. n. - the part of speech, in this case 'n.' means noun (look for a list of abbreviations used in your Dictionary usually included on one of the first few pages).
4. a remarkable,...
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