Values in the victorian society in dicken's david copperfield and wilde's the loyal friend

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Values in the Victorian society in Dickens’ David Copperfield and Wilde’s The loyal friend.
The values that both authors shows in their works are part of an hypocrite behavior of those persons that call themselves “gentlemen” and “ladies” and the twisted values that belonged to them. They also showed that, the only values that those persons cared for were: their looks, wealth and the socialstatus they possessed. Their selfishness and superficiality made them care only for themselves and ignored completely other human beings that surrounder them and didn’t shared those materialistic “values”. In such world, only the stronger or the richer had the opportunity to survive and live as they wanted.
Dickens, in “David Copperfield” presents a cold and formal image of the upper-classVictorian society. This is represent with the characters of Miss Betsie and the Murdstone’s brothers, even when they are from a different gender, they seem to share the same ideas about social classes, relatives and feelings towards the people that surrounds them.
Miss Betsie, in the first encounter with David’s mother, even when she is related to her by David’s father, is distant and formal, and sherestricts herself just to listen David’s mother since she is a upper-class lady and doesn’t have to show her emotions on weakness in this case, if she wants to be respected and she even encourages Clara to do not cry more. Such character is foreshadowed by David Copperfield, when he relates part of her life. Also when she expresses her desire of giving David, based on the thought that he was ashe, a “good education, so that he couldn’t be fool by anyone”, shows not only her cold and strong behavior but also the treat that woman received in a male dominated society where only the powerful and rich were part of it, especially the ones that were part of the upper-classes. In the part when David tell us that it was even said that her husband hit her, we see how hypocrite and superficial wasthe upper-class people in the Victorian society and that they didn’t cared about the people but only about the money they could get and give a perfect image to the external world, even when they were capable of the lowest actions in their inside. This facts changed Miss Betsie’s vision of the world and sets her behavior toward people, specially men, and also causes her rejection of such valuesand sets herself away from everyone and everything as we see with her answers and the lack of attention she showed to Mr Chillips questions. The way in which she treated mister Chillip, with indifference and even repulsion, when he tried to be friendly, just reinforce this cold image that Miss Betsie has.
Thanks to the Mudstone’s brothers, we can see reflected in their actions and behavior the kindof education that upper-class children receive in the Victorian Age. Even when mister Mudstone is a good-looking men, he’s cruel and dominant; the way how he treats David and Pegotty is distant and cold, he doesn’t show any sympathy to anyone, even with his friends and relatives he keeps showing that cold image. He just restricts himself to talk with those he believed that worth the job, likepeople from his same social status, that didn’t include children and servants. Being a good-looking man is what attracts David’s mother to him. He is at first sight, the perfect gentleman and an excellent choice for any lady, such features caught David’s mother attention and consequently she ends up picking the worst men of all, that instead of protect her and her family, just separates them andtakes away the control of her own life.
Miss Mudstone’s is presented as a mean person just as her brother, but as a woman. They shared the same ideals and values, and they are persuasive and smart enough to dominated a “childish” Clara, David’s mother, with their so-called “good intentions” caring only for their own objectives.
With this we see how the persons that possess some of those...
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